What about the association

In 2000, some families having a child with Down’s Syndrome and one physiotherapist decide to found an association.

Trisomie21 Lëtzebuerg asbl strives to help people with Down’s Syndrome to live as independent and fulfilled lives as possible. The main targets of the association consist in promoting the autonomy, the professional future and living structures, support of all concerned families, sensibilsation of the society and inclusion.

To achieve all those targets, Trisomie21 Lëtzebuerg asbl works in collaboration with other     concerned families and with other associations having the same targets.

The association is mainly funded by donations. The offered activities function due to our excellent collaboration with volunteers. Trisomie21 Lëtzebuerg asbl offers monthly excursions, cooking workshops, dance classes and workshops, holiday activities, support groups for parents and their babies with Down’s Syndrome.

Information booths, consultations and sensibilisation projects are organized on demand, for example through schools or as a part of World Down Syndrome Day. (21th of march)