Restaurant "Madame Witzeg"

For extraordinary employees.
An ambitious and social project that will allow the development of extraordinary potential through the professional integration of people with Down's syndrome, better known as Trisomy 21.


Restaurant 'Madame Witzeg': Test phase
After a few work-intensive and pandemic-related difficult years, our restaurant 'Madame Witzeg' is officially an 'Atelier d inclusion professionnelle' since 15 October 2022!
Since the newly formed team first wants to get to know each other, familiarise itself and practice, a test phase has been taking place since 24 October.
For this purpose we open the kitchen of the restaurant over the lunch hour (12h00-15h00) from Monday to Friday on reservation by e-mail to: or by phone to: +352 621 737 391

You are welcome to drop by during the test phase and leave us constructive feedback so that we can adjust our services if necessary. With your support, we can get our restaurant ready for take-off.
Of course, we will let you know the official opening date.
We look forward to your visit.☺️
Important: Reservation = obligatory
Mail: or phone: +352 621 737 391

D'Ekipp vum Restaurant "Madame Witzeg"

 Place: 60, rue Waassertrap    L-4408 Belvaux


We are looking for people with Down's syndrome who would like to work for us at the restaurant "Madame Witzeg". We will be happy to provide you with further information.

 Tel. 621 68 62 62          Mail:


  • In order to guarantee ideal working conditions and a satisfactory result for everyone, several guidelines have been thought out.
  • To highlight the potential of people with Down's syndrome in the working world, especially in the catering sector.
  • To make the team and the different trades in the catering sector work on an equal basis.
  • To develop the autonomy of people with Down's syndrome.
  • To organise socio-pedagogical and therapeutic activities.
  • To facilitate social integration by fighting against prejudice.
  • To offer a real possibility of qualification.
  • To facilitate professional integration thanks to the collaboration of companies in the catering sector.
  • To carry out a paid professional activity.



IBAN : LU35 0019 5455 3186 1000


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