Restaurant "Madame Witzeg"

For extraordinary employees.
An ambitious and social project that will allow the development of often under-estimated potential through the professional integration of people with Down's syndrome, better known as Trisomy 21.

Opening of the restaurant "Madame Witzeg" in Belvaux.
After a few busy and difficult years due to the pandemic, it is with great pleasure that we announce the opening of the restaurant "Madame Witzeg" in Belvaux:

The restaurant "Madame Witzeg" officially opens on 23 January 2023.


Provisional opening hours:

Monday - Friday :

Kitchen: 12.-15. p.m. 

Cake and Coffee: 15.-17. p.m.

Take-Away possible.

mail to:

phone to: +352 621 737 391 or +352 26 59 40 83


D'Ekipp from the restaurant "Madame Witzeg


  Place: 60, rue Waassertrap L-4408 Belvaux


D'Ekipp vum Restaurant "Madame Witzeg"