Our services

Accompaniment and consultations

A family support group made up of volunteer parents whose want to support families:

  1. To accompany and respond first and foremost to parents and families :
    - from birth and even before,
    - when the handicap is announced,
    - and at all stages of their Down syndrome child's life, in most areas.
  2. With the doctors of the Central Hospital of Luxembourg (CHL), specific consultations are organised twice a year for members of Trisomy 21. During these days we ensure a presence.
  3. We respond to requests from parents or teachers of their children and meet them at school. Often a meeting is enough to solve a difficulty or to facilitate integration.
  4. We receive and respond to requests from students who are doing work on Down's syndrome.

Accompaniment of families / Maternity ward

Direct contacts

Chantal Mersch-Thévenin

GSM 621 70 31 39
Langues: FR
E-Mail: chmeth@pt.lu

Tiziana Nardini

GSM: 621 69 32 24 
Langues: IT, FR, GB, ESP
E-Mail: tiziana.nardini@me.com

Christiane Brasseur

GSM: 691 35 91 91
Langues: LU, DE, FR 
E-Mail: bofferdingchristiane@gmail.com

Anouk Weber-Kaulmann

GSM: 691 11 70 44
Langues: LU, DE, FR, GB 
E-Mail: anouk_kaulmann@hotmail.com

Claude Weber

GSM: 621 419 450
Langues: LU, DE, FR, GB 
E-Mail: claude.weber@hotmail.com